Dawson Springs Announces Activities & Events, State of Preparedness

DAWSON SPRINGS, KY (Aug. 3, 2017) -  The City of Dawson Springs announced this week their detailed listing of Activities and State of Preparedness for the safety of citizens and visitors to enjoy the Great American Eclipse Event on August 21, 2017. 

Dawson Springs is anticipating "Total Darkness" during the Great American Eclipse for 2 minutes and 32 seconds.   In the words of Mayor Jenny Sewell, “the Total Solar Eclipse on August 21st is an ‘event of a lifetime experience’ for Dawson Springs and Kentucky.” 

The “total darkness” created by the eclipse will last for ‘2 minutes and 32 seconds’ in Dawson Springs; however, the entire eclipse event will be a ‘three hour event’ from beginning to end.  In preparing for this “once in a lifetime” event, the city is planning for many one of a kind “Eclipse Activities” for its citizens and the many visitors the city is expecting.  

“We are expecting and prepared to receive as many as 15,000 estimated visitors during the “Eclipse Event”, stated Dawson Springs Police Chief, Brook Dixon. 

Dawson Springs is planning to “black out” special lighting in the grass parking area of Historic Riverside Park (where the Pittsburgh Pirates historically conducted spring training) for overnight “Camping Pass” and for “Day Pass” participants for their enhanced viewing.  Special exhibits are being prepared at the local Dawson Springs Museum and Arts Center to highlight the activities of Historic Major League and Minor League Baseball in Dawson Springs and the Darby House (the last boarding house) is preparing to tell the story of the “Golden Mineral Water Era and the 40 Hotels and Boarding Houses” in Dawson Springs. 

The city is planning to “black out” special downtown lighting during the Eclipse Event for participant’s enhanced viewing.  Special Eclipse Educational Sessions will be offered along with concerts by two bands and two gospel music groups on Sunday.  And a special musical production is being prepared to be performed twice in the Downtown Area during the morning just prior to the Eclipse focusing on the music of the ‘Sun, Moon, Stars and Classic American Hits’.  

Safety viewing glasses, special eclipse tee shirts, art vendors, food vendors and activities vendors will be on hand in the downtown area to provide comfort foods and Eclipse Event merchandise.

Dawson Springs was designated as “Kentucky’s First Trail Town” in 2013.  Dawson Springs and the immediate Pennyrile Forest Resort State Park Region offers “blue trail, hiking trail, biking and mountain biking trail, equestrian trail, fishing, boating, hunting, camping, and swimming experiences on our lakes, river, and 15,000 acres of Kentucky Forest”.  In 2017 the Pennyrile Beach with its ‘white sand’ was rated the #1 Beach destination in Kentucky.

‘Camping Passes’ and ‘Day Passes’ are still available.  Don’t miss out on the fun!   Come to Dawson Springs for your “Great American Eclipse Experience”!  Call:  270-797-2781 for more details and/or visit dawsonspringsky.com.  See a detailed listing of activities and offerings below. 

Dawson Springs Eclipse Events

Saturday, August 19

Sunday, August 20

Monday, August 21